Hi5 Mondays!


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Hey you guys!

If there’s anything I hate more than monday mornings, It is sunday evenings! :P Anyway time to shake off those blues and take on this week. Meanwhile here are my top5 from last week!

1. Made my very own muesli bars because I was tired of shelling out $2/each for them at the store! :P

2. Always a sucker for red lipstick! Finally bough the NARS heatwave ! :DHEATWAVE

3. Stationary shopping at AI friedmans! I bought a sketchbook and have told myself I am going to draw a little more often:)

4. Found this great way to store tiny earrings which I usually scarmble to find in the morning! I have a few EOS almost finished tins lying around..so this is motivation to finish those up ;) 

5. Found a great vegetarian friendly gem tucked in a bustling times square street! Green symphony is a great place to grab a quick healthy bite! 

Happy monday!  Let’s all eat more chocolate ;)


Hi5 Mondays!


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Hello World!

It’s that time of the week to put on your big girl pants and shine! This is mostly me talking to myself! ;) Anyway let’s do this! The previous week was not my favorite but I did enjoy the following :D

1. Made my own veggie burgers from scratch. This recipe is great for a little twist to a regular patty. 

2.  I can get lazy when it comes to changing my pillow cases and that’s where this mist from diva stuff helps to keep the germs at bay. Somehow it helps me sleep better too :D


3. A visit to the intriguing Jeff Koons exhibit to the Whitney Museum! I would recommend this to anyone who loves quirky art!:)

4. Lazy lunch of Linguine pasta at Vapiano20140719_133805

5. Found this great make up remover DIY. It works on eyeliner you guys :)

Have a wonderful week… lets hope this on’s quick and painless ;)


Hi5 Mondays!


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Happy Monday Earthlings!

May your week start on a much better note than mine did! :P With the negativity out of the way let’s look back on my previous week!

1. Wore my purple watch after ages! I kind of went the matchy matchy route because I missed being 10 :P 20140710_0916212. We recently ate at a fancy french restaurant, and my favorite part of the meal was the soup! I tried to recreate the corn bisque with no cream and no butter and it was never the less delicious! :) 20140713_0016043. Refilled on my favorite perfume! I love love this fragrance! :) 4. Had my fill of pineapple fried rice at My thai, Brooklyn! I jump at the chance to eat here everytime I am in the area.. Actually let me reword it, I take the train to this area to eat here :P 20140616_150810 (1)5. Caught 22 jump street finally! It was such a non stop laugh riot.. :D Have a wonderful week ahead! Smile even when all you want to do is throw things at people :P

Rompers Rule! :D


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I recently celebrated my birthday…. ahem obviously growing older doesn’t please me :P….so I thought it would be fitting to  rebel wearing a denim romper no less while celebrating around town! Let’s be honest I haven’t worn a romper in maybe forever but now I know what I am missing out on :P Rompers are so easy to pull on,  perfect for summer, a great alternative to your shorts,  and my favorite part- I don’t have to sit like a lady :P Maybe Ill buy another one over the weekend? ;) Happy friday!



Lust List! Bejeweled Sandals!


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I always Poo-poo eh the idea of bling except during holiday season! But I must have known better!:P I have no idea what the front of these open toed slingbacks look like but the back had me at well … bling! :) They would go so well with a summer dress when the thought of wearing pumps might make you feel sweaty! ;) The only thing… You need to have your pedicure game on (but that shouldn’t be hard ):D Happy hump day folks!

Hi5 Mondays!


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Of course I put the long weekend to very good use and hence the MIA status ;) Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and managed to get done with monday successfully! Here are 5 things that made my previous week count :D

1. Had truck loads of fun with family on a mini trip to Dallas! :D IMG-20140707-WA0014

2. Give me mexican food and I am a happy camper! Torchy’s Tacos serves up some of the best I’ve eaten in a while! :D

3. Finally got the DSLR I’ve been meaning to! Nothing too fancy and I’ve been clicking away like nobody’s business!:P

4. How does hand feeding some fallow deer and black buck sound? FUN? I thought so! :D Went on a safari of sorts at the fossil rim in Dallas and it may have been the best thing about the trip! ;)

5. With the sun and a generous husband come a lovely( and my first) pair of ray ban clubmasters! :P

sunniesHave a wonderful week and don’t stop yourself from doing something crazy! :)

Hi5 Holidays: Wedding Edition!


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Hi You’ll!

Today is usually about the previous week’s highlights but since there were several requests to see pictures from my wedding, I thought I’d comply  and secretly relive my time in India:D!

I had a two day wedding surrounded by a ton of family and friends, swathed in bright silks,jewels and fragrant jasmine- trying to act coy and failing, stealing glances at my to-be husband, trying to remember long forgotten faces, posing away for the camera, alternating between blushing,giggling & happy tears, stuffing my face with all the delicious food, grinning away till my jaw hurt…. Sigh! I wish I had an extra week to recoup:P  Anyway here are some moments which I thought would be fun to share with you’ll. Enjoy your monday and USA folks thankfully this week’s a short one ;)


Well hello there!

Just when you thought this blog was dead and done for, it manages to pop up on your feed and rise again like the phoenix :P Please tell me I have been missed and welcome me back into the wordpress world!? I know it’s been close to 2 months since I wrote but that is only because things have been really busy around here…here’s a sampler of what I have been upto!

1. I went to India on a loooooonnnggg vacation!( I am too lazy to transfer photos from my camera so you’ll have to excuse the dated photo) :P1466268_10151842658148477_1468271825_n

2. I got myself a husband :D( No really!)


3. I turned a year older.


So you tell me if the absence was justified!? :) I will take the weekend to sort through the traffic in my head and share a bunch of stuff with you’ll from next week! I do hope all of you’ll have been well and so look forward to catching up on all your posts! :D Until then have a wonderful friday and make the most of your weekend! <3



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