In a vacation mood!


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Maybe I miss my long hair… * a touch of nostalgia* or maybe I really like the setting.. maybe it’s just the fact that the long weekend is round the corner and am ready for it, either way I wanted to post this!  :P I really liked this look I put together while on a mini vacation.. Just a basic stripe tee paired with shorts and a chunky neck piece to add some interest. …which reminds me.. I need to pick my outfits for this weekend :D Happy wednesday! IMG_2137IMG_2006 IMG_2007


Hi5 Mondays


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Hi you guys,

Monday is the perfect way to correct last week’s mistakes and relive fun moments ;) Here are my top 5 from last week..

1. As much as I love cooking indian food, the trek to Queens to stock up on supplies is really not my favorite! But when I do go, I make it a point to eat chaat at Samudra chaat house! 20140823_1550472. Bubblegum pink nails can make a dull week a little less dull! :P20140822_0914523. Short hair+ bad hair day warrants a head band! It’s back to school time ;) Photo on 2014-08-21 at 09.214. I got a little adventurous in the kitchen and whipped up these gulab jamuns- an indian sweet that makes you want to overeat :D 2014-08-23 23.31.315. I had no idea there was a beautiful cathedral tucked away in times square. Was walking around and stumbled unto Church of saint mary the virgin. Beautiful! Have a wonderful week! Truth be told am counting down to the weekend already ;)

Hi5 Mondays


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Yaay it’s a monday * fake cheer tone* :P I slept through the whole subway ride to work so you know how I really feel ;) Anyway here’s what last week looked like! Also please pardon me for being so lazy and not posting, I am going to try harder :)

1. I lovvvee lychees and have been eating them by the pound..thanks to some great deals at my local asian grocery :D 2. It’s cardigan weather already! When was summer again? :P20140813_1712503. Perfect weather to hang at brighton beach without worrying about being fried to a crisp :D4. Made pal payasam( a indian style rice pudding). I may or may not have licked the pan clean :P 20140816_2019355. Thought this day would never come, but finally I managed to ruin the soles of my old pair of sneakers and bought this new grey and mint kicks :)20140811_212719Have a fantastic day and lets try to grow where we are planted :)

Hi5 Mondays!


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I hope there comes a day when I say I am so looking forward to monday! :) It’s easier said than done but I am going to try and say this next week :P Meanwhile, onto the fun things that went by last week.

1. Greasy meals are the best meals :P Burgers and onion rings at Luckys famous burgers20140808_1955252. Been wearing way too much orange lately. orange3.  Took to the sketch pad after ages! :) 20140810_0136104. A long walk on the picturesque high line :) 5. Now you see it , now you dont! ;) So long tresses! :DhairHave a fantastic week ahead and  flash em pearlies :)

A for awards! :)


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I have been extra busy( read:lazy ) but I decided it was high time I sent some thanks over Frillthrills’ way! :) Thank you so much Shilpa for nominating me for not one but 2 awards! Owing to her generosity now have a one lovely blog award and a Very inspiring blogger awards. I know this was a little late but I will try to make it count! :D And guys if you didn’t know already her blog is super entertaining and very wittily written!

I have already been the recipient of both these in the past but that does not make me feel any less special!:) You can read about it here and here! But I am going to take this opportunity to link you’ll to some really great bloggers who make my day a lot more interesting! :) Of course there are several others who I keep mentioning all the time so I thought I’d pick a few new ones.

1. Fatfreefashion  Lindsay curates this blog in the most entertaining way. I love her looks for less, fabr finds and her product reviews!

2. Madly by Zoxy Madly’s blog is in french but guys thats what translate is for :) She covers a little bit of everything – lifestyle, food, fashion and her style shots are just lovely!

3. Bandhna Her all veggie recipes are the bomb and she’s sweet to boot! :)

4. Forvanityssake Jules is that girl who can make a sack look good! :) Her style posts are fantastic and her make up tips are pro- level! :)

5. A spoonfulofstyle She’s the super mom who does recipes, fashion posts and chronicles her life in general! She does have a knack for writing :)

6. Longandluxe My go to blog to get my fill of inspiration! Allison is so eloquent and I always spend some time thinking after I read her posts!

Have a wonderful weekend you guys! :)

A touch of Lace!


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One fine day I woke up and decided I was done with being a slacker and to dress a little more like a lady if not act like one.;)  So I picked a gathered skirt with a touch of lace paired with a simple t shirt, a string of pearls and cream ballet flats. I wore it through the day, then got tired, changed into an oversized t shirt and a pair of shorts and decided being a lady wasn’t for me :P However a little dress-up once in a while hurt nobody! :D Happy wednesday! lace

Hi5 Mondays!


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I am having the worst monday since last monday :P But I am braving it on with a smile and some candy! And what was I up to last week? Some fun things :D

1. Cooked up some singapore style noodles. Basically an easy way to clean up the fridge so recipes are void :P

2. Wore blue liner for the first time! It looked less crazy than I imagined :P


3. Wore matchy sweatshirts because why not? :P ( Very mature I know!)


4.  Been reading this book by Kiran Desai. It is sort of sad but yet so well written!

5. Tasted this yummy middle eastern ice cream called Kashta at Cedar Pastry! Sticky and delicious.

Have a good week ahead  and be the reason someone smiles today:)

Simply shorts!


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New York summer has been surprisingly mild this time( Please stay this way). There’s a mellow sunshine all day that makes it perfect to stay outdoors, lounge in a park with a fat book sipping on iced tea… in a pair of easy shorts.. the baggier the better! :D This has been my lazy weekend uniform…I just need to keep remembering to reapply sunscreen :P Enjoy your friday you’ll!

Hi5 Mondays!


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Hey you guys!

If there’s anything I hate more than monday mornings, It is sunday evenings! :P Anyway time to shake off those blues and take on this week. Meanwhile here are my top5 from last week!

1. Made my very own muesli bars because I was tired of shelling out $2/each for them at the store! :P

2. Always a sucker for red lipstick! Finally bough the NARS heatwave ! :DHEATWAVE

3. Stationary shopping at AI friedmans! I bought a sketchbook and have told myself I am going to draw a little more often:)

4. Found this great way to store tiny earrings which I usually scarmble to find in the morning! I have a few EOS almost finished tins lying this is motivation to finish those up ;) 

5. Found a great vegetarian friendly gem tucked in a bustling times square street! Green symphony is a great place to grab a quick healthy bite! 

Happy monday!  Let’s all eat more chocolate ;)



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