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The weather is no longer dreary but I somehow refuse to give up my heathered greys and oatmeals..there’s just something about the mellow worn in look to them that is so comforting! I probably have to just find a different way to wear them – like pairing a cosy textured knit piece with a shorter hemline( probably not as short :P) like this one… a perfect nod to the summer that’s on it’s way! :D


Hi5 Mondays!


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Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone had a good weekend/ easter!:D For a change I am not too displeased about it being a monday today! Maybe because I have some delicious leftovers from yesterday to look forward to :P Here’s a snap shot of my week.

1. Pastel nails for Easter.

2. Of course I am too lazy to make sure I add spinach to my smoothie everyday so I simply add a spoonful of this superfood mix! I was assuming it would be too hard to stomach but it was surprisingly pleasant :) Good buy self!

3. Nothing announces good weather like summer rolls! All you need is a rice paper sheets( the perks of living in an asian neighborhood ;)) and your favorite veggies( I like a mix of cooked veggies topped with some fresh lettuce/carrots for some crunch) and a simple sauce to dunk into! So light and tasty!

4. I recently chanced upon this beauty brand - and I am quite possibly hooked. Their products are all natural, smell heavenly and seem to be working well so far. I already use their acne spot treatment &  scar remover, eyelash conditioner, lip balm, and scrubbies.. and there’s a bunch of stuff siting in my shopping bag :P


5. Finally I get to eat ice cream without people thinking am crazy :)

Have a wonderful week and go get some ice cream if you can :)


Hi5 Mondays!


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Hi & Hello People!

I realize am not a morning person but somehow monday mornings take it to a whole other level! :P I did have a long yet rewarding week which makes me hope this one will be half as good :) Here’s what I did!

1. Spent a little of every evening and most of the weekend cleaning up my house.. arranging the shoe rock, detoxing my wardrobe, doing laundry, vacuuming down the house! Whew! :D This a great check list to follow

2. I own two blushes and both are nyx… but a tarte one has been on my wishlist for a while and so I gave in and got this beautiful peach pink one – blissfu,l just in time for the better weather! While I absolutely love mom thinks blushes are strictly for clowns! Le sigh! :P

3. It’s Trench Time! :D Yay for the pleasant weather.


4. Made a warm bowl of cream of mushroom soup sans the cream. I used almond milk and a spoon of oatmeal flour instead and I didn’t miss the cream one bit! :D

5.  A long walk along 5th avenue with a pitstop at Bouchon for hot chocolate and a scone! The joys of people watching and window shopping :D

Here’s wishing you all a wonderful week and lots of joy :D

Human candy floss :P


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2013-06-05 08.22.51

It isn’t anywhere near halloween so I am not sure what made me think I could walk around like human candy floss! ;) But I did and it did not turn out half-bad;( except for some major side eye on the subway :P), granted I had a grey wool jacket to break up the head-to-toe color a bit! The fact that I chose different shades of pink also made it a little less “are-you-crazy?” Now the question is have any of you tried wearing the same color head to toe? Please don’t tell me I am alone! :D

Hi5 Mondays!


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Happy monday everyone.. just kidding, mondays are never happy :P But let’s try to make it as bearable as we can!Meanwhile here’s a snapshot of the week that went by!

1. MY FIRST EVER TRIP TO SEPHORA! I now know why I’ve never ventured into the store before; I blew an unhealthy amount of dough in just one trip! :P 1396831213367_

2. Picked up a book after ages! Candy crush is a bad bad way to spend time on the subway! :P

3. I switched out potatoes with cauliflower, and baked them instead of frying and there you have it – healthy cauliflower croquettes! :D 1394322802179_

4. All those acne creams have left my skin like dry sandpaper:| After a lot of research I bought this little tub of miracles! Doesn’t break you out, isn’t heavy and your skin just drinks it up! I am stocking up on this!:D

5. The weather looks promising enough to start wearing my hair in braids! I tried the braid in a braid style but I couldn’t take a picture of it so this should do! :D

Have a lovely week ahead! Remember to be the best version of you :D

Wishy Washy!


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Bleached ripped denims are a staple on both street as well as runway style but I do not have the nerve to try those at all.( I wonder why :P) But when I saw this washed-to-death skirt it was love at first sight! I agree this piece can easily be part of a more grungy look but when paired with a simple slouchy tee it doesn’t seem threatening at all! And props for the side pocket and the easy elastic waistband! My post lunch tummy is very happy :) Have a happy weekend you’ll! :D



Hi5 Mondays


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Hello World!

Roller coaster week.. quite weekend… back to the grind is what is on loop for me off late but hey at least the weather is getting better.( Not taking into account the crazy weekend rain) Here are 5 things that made the week worth my time ;P

1. Wet weather calls for a hearty soup. I whipped up a mexican black bean chile, topped with non fat yoghurt and fresh guacamole! Yummy and filling! 20140329_1740382. Smell like a walking coconut mango dessert while giving your skin a hydration boost? Yes please! I love this body butter from Pacifica! :) 3. Stockings with cut out shoes look better than I thought:) 1395230788530_4. As my lipstick collection grows, I have been thinking of investing in a little make up bag but then this cute DIY totally changed my mind! :D 5. Took my first spin class.. and survived! Have a happy week ahead! Breathee!!! :D

“Shady” business ;)


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Now that the sun makes a more regular appearance, sunglasses are touted to be out full force and hence this well timed rant!:P Is it me or do the vast majority of people seem to really look phenomenal when they have a pair of shades on? Goes without saying that it can take off a few years, hide those dark circles/hangovers and generally give you an air of “hey I am fabulous and I know it!” but unfortunately they fail to have this effect on me.. in fact not only do I look terrible but also like I try too hard( the horror). My squarish face is not forgiving to most frames and I simply have accepted that they are nothing more than a functional tool to keep the sun at bay despite looking bleh! Le sigh!

So imagine my surprise when I was approached by Avoce Eyewear( a really cool NYC start up that sells affordable and stylish sunglasses/ prescription glasses) to be their blog’s march crush – An opportunity to try on a bunch of handpicked frames at the comfort of my home?! Here you can have my money!:P Obviously I did wonder how it would turnout especially because shopping at a store is hard enough for me, but I was in for a surprise! I picked out four pieces to try and the results are here for you to see!

1. This was my favorite – The Gata, a stylish little cat eye which looks great with dresses and more dressier feminine pieces! gata

2. I liked Carolina a lot too! This is also a mild cat eye shape but I already own a very similar pair unfortunately but if you don’t, this could a very flattering pick!2

3. The Olivia was a surprise. I was expecting to hate this when I saw it because it had a square shape but it was weirdly nice and looked really great with my jeans and tee uniform!


4. The Luciana was the least flattering on me! Made me look like a D list socialite  if you know what I mean but I am pretty sure it would do wonders to a different bone structure! :D


On the whole the experience was real fun for me and made me feel like I still have hope as far as looking good in sunnies are concerned! ;) The entire post is here! And am not being plain nice  when I recommend that you give avoce a try( They ship within the US but will accomodate you if you live overseas:D)! If you are lazy like me, it is godsent! :D Have a wonderful weekend!

Milkmaid Braid for the meek! :P

20140318_075735If I can do it so can you.. there is still hope for skinny haired folks such as myself to tactfully mask bad hair days in a milk maid braid! A colleague at work was even surprised I, of high ponytails and top knots had taken an ounce of effort to do this! So surprise those around you and more importantly yourself by trying this easy hair do.. it works even without hairspray except there is a higher chance of you looking like you are wearing a bird nest for a hat :P Have a wonderful wednesday you’ll!


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