I happened to drop into the Brooks brother’s store at Flatiron last week. No, my taste is neither preppy nor can I afford their clothes, I was tempted to go in only because I heard about the brand trying to appeal to a wider audience and wanted to see how successful they were at it! And I must say the new store is a step in the right direction! Flipping through a Brooks brothers catalogue to me is as interesting as watching grass grow so imagine my surprise when the first thing I saw were a pair of butter yellow chinos (double take)! The dated grey suits and shirts were replaced with colored polos, smart shirts and trousers paired with fun accessories! The visual merchandising team certainly deserves applause for putting together an ambience that is fresh yet  true to the brand’s Ivy league obsession. Chairs upholstered in colorful repp stripes, stacks of books, framed black and white photos of college kids, a lounge and even a photo booth(nice touch) in a warm wood setting gave the store a feeling of class and heritage(wish it where a little less cramped but Hello! New york real estate prices are no joke!) Brownie points for extra nice staff and the large sale section! Preppy style or not, a visit to the store is recommended, if not for the clothes; at least for the keepsake photo strip from the booth 🙂

When will I ever tire of posing at the drop of the hat!? NEVER:P