So, Mr. Schuman  of “The Sartorialist” fame posts images of women wearing Uggs and the blogosphere erupts in a frenzy?! I think his blog is great – I love his street shots and largely credit him for creating this “street fashion blog” hysteria but since when did he become an authority on what’s fashionable? I have always regarded him as some one with good taste and his blog as a vehicle of observing how people wear trends. So I dont know what the uproar is about but I do know that UGGS deserve a post now ;)! The fashion fraternity shares a love hate(mostly hate) relationship with Uggs. I remember a time when the boots were all over Hollywood with even Jennifer Aniston and Blake Lively sporting them(proof below). And suddenly everyone woke up to how ugly and hideous they are and it even spawned a couple of articles like this one.


I don’t own a pair of UGGs because it neither appeals to me nor can I imagine my self dropping a pretty penny for it! But I know people who swear by their practicality and how warm and comfortable they are; and I understand that! But what I don’t understand is the degree to which people hate on UGGS(Forever 21 and Crocs come a close second and third! ;P) Agreed it’s all about expressing your opinions and on the same vein its an individual’s choice to wear something that appeals to them. Also it doesn’t change the fact that the brand is making a tonne of money and people are still buying the brand! 🙂 To each his own but my only point is, lets not take fashion so seriously all the time. Peace! :):D