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Bergdorf Goodman needs no introduction! Every woman worth her Prada bag and Louboutin shoes probably frequents this speciality department store as often as I stay up late night doing assignments! 😉 I have been there plenty of times but my visits have been limited to looking at their exquisite window displays and sighing at their designer goodies and half heartedly heading to the nearest H&M. But this time I made up my mind(with much egging from my boy friend) to venture in, face set tight and my purse strings tighter. As I explored the place floor after floor, it could be easily one of the best speciality stores in the city what with all the top-notch brands, warm customer service, and a decent sale section! I briefly hovered over a Loewe bag before I reminded myself that I had bills to pay for the month! No surprises, I spent the better part of my “tour” in the shoe section.

Tour de Bergdorf 😉

Finally after a good few hours of non stop ogling, I literally pried myself away from all the designer eye candy and headed out, promising to be back and actually “buy” in the near future! Never mind If you are low on cash Bergdorf could easily be a place to park yourself on a lazy sunday afternoon; provided you are strong (a boyfriend with his head on his shoulders could help too) enough to resist temptation of course! 😉