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One of the best things about being a student at Parsons… we get to attend panels and discussions like no other! Isabel and Ruben Toledo were the guest speakers at an event hosted by Parsons and moderated by the dean, Simon Collins this week. They discussed their journey, their influences and Isabel’s just-launched book “Roots of style”. For those who aren’t familair with this creative duo, here are some pointers.

1. Ruben Toledo is known for his gorgeous illustrations! His work for Nordstroms in particular has largely influenced my style of drawing.

His work for Nordstroms

2. Mrs. O wore Isabel’s design during the inauguration ceremony.

The brocade piece that Isabel designed for Michelle Obama that put her in the limelight

3. Isabel has collaborated with Payless on a line of shoes.

3. Isabel and Ruben have worked together in the past on a collection for Target.

4. They are the such a stylish cute couple who perfectly compliment each other

Originally from Cuba, they aspired to the american dream and finally got there through passion, hardwork and being positive and that resonated with me long after I had left the hall! More Power to them! 🙂