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Once upon a time, Eclecticism and Awesome got together and had a baby. It was christened ABC. And they lived in mutual co existence happily ever after! Pardon me for the gibberish, I am still reeling under the ABC effect! Calling ABC simply a home goods store would not do any justice to the place it really is – 6 cavernous floors of inspiration, a melting pot of varied aesthetics and a visual explosion any side you happen to look at! I choose not to say anything more except let you look at these images from the store. And I can tell you these cannot recreate the experience! I strongly recommend visiting the store at 888, Broadway. I am sure you will thank me! 🙂

The mannequins were funky, they had legs like bird claws!

One of the windows at the ABC store.

The kind of fixtures in the store you would have never seen!

Now what I'd give to decorate my rooms like that! sigh

Cushions were king - from ombre dyed, to hand painted silk faille, beaded, embroidered, you name it..

The "london" style decor! Whats not to love 🙂

Stuffed dolls in colored beads

This chandelier reminded me of Alexander McQueen

Tea Anybody?

How cool are these phones!*woefully looks at cellphone*

* Jaw Drops*

Shiny disco balls! Only these double up as lights

* Pinch Me *

Details are the name of the game!

Still not piqued? Visit their website