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With this week being super packed with assignments, work and tests, I haven’t had much time to cook a decent meal. I’ve been getting by on bagels, fruit, and vending machine goodies! So imagine the sigh of relief my stomach heaved when two kind women stopped by our class with bags full of Pretzel Crisps samples (apparently this is one of the ways they gauge customer response *win*) … I had no clue what these were; sure I’ve eaten pretzels before and remembered them being warm and soft from the street or small and crunchy from my BFF the vending machine. So my curiosity and appetite were piqued!

After frenzied minutes of stuffing my face, the flavors started sinking in. These snacks come in so many variations, after a point you lose count. Not that I am complaining;) Each flavour was unique (The jalapeno was killer) and paired perfectly with most dips (read hummus, cream cheese dip, Nutella) or great by themselves be it sesame, original, Jalapeno, garlic parmesan, or buffalo wing! It’s was interesting to see this new low cal (allegedly) interpretation of the pretzel. It’s definitely something I’d stock up on especially close to exam week 🙂


Oh and I did look at their site, they have some really interesting recipes based on them 🙂 Enjoy these