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If there’s something most New yorkers depend on everyday …apple products, coffee and make up excluded; it’s the subway! I spend a sizable amount of time on a train or waiting for one and am sure most others do too. On today’s ride, a series of advertisments caught my eye! It took me a moment to figure out what was being advertised since they looked so much like an MTA ad, only more colorful and interesting! See for yourself!

Cole Haan, a premium accessory brand has clearly recognized the possibility of a marketing coup by gaining the unwavering attention of thousands of New Yorkers by simply looking underground for inspiration! Their window displays and the website have also been designed based on this theme. ‘CQLE HAAN’ – uses the letters of the various NYC subway lines (including the Q) to categorize the different items in the new collection(genius). I think the campaign is smart, eye catching, has wide appeal since most people can relate to it,well executed and to top it all “very New York”. Also they invite users to post personal subway experiences on their Facebook page.. Would finishing home work and catching up on quickie naps count? 😉