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Had I made a dollar for every mint item I’ve seen this month, I’d have my own apartment! Not really, but you get the idea 🙂 ! I know I’ve been harping(annoyingly so) about mint being big this spring!  And I patted myself on the back when I saw PRADA’s window display at SOHO this week.

When prada puts out a bag in this color you know you need to run and buy yourself some mint( Kidding. not) Here are somethings that might inspire you to make friends with this fresh pick:)

Not convinced about making some space in your wardrobe? Accessories to the rescue!

Still not taking the bait? Try painting your nails, in a shade of mint that flatters your skin tone and you’ll be a fan for life 🙂Do I still see you looking skeptical? Don’t tell me I didn’t try 🙂 Make the most of the weather and head out for some mint and chocolate chip ice cream at Alphabet scoop! 🙂 Happy spring everyone!