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I know just the mention of JC Penney might be enough to turn you off my blog forever, but I am risking it! 😉 Lately I have been subjected to a slew of  “vintagey” ads starring Ellen DeGeneres for the brand. In case you’ve missed them, be my guest.

Sure it doesn’t make you go wow, but it’s a start and the brand deserves a second chance! Ever since Ron Johnson came on board JCP (of Apple fame) everyone’s watching to see if he’s going to turn the tables! And so far he’s been doing a commendable job – doing away with the everyday promotion the brand has become synonymous with, inking plenty of designer exclusives and a brand new logo to boot. Apparently there are plans underway for a shop in shop approach that promises a stellar shopping experience. From the sound of it looks like Penney’s is aspiring to be a Target ( No coincidence that Mr. Johnson was with target for a while)! Do you think this approach will work ? Will Penney’s be your fav shopping destination in the future?PS: Ever the cynic, I did visit their store on herald’s square, and I must say the store in itself looks better than ever! Just saying 🙂