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Karl Lagerfeld must be a huge fan of Pamela Love! How else would you justify him sending cuffs that look just like the jewelry designer’s down the runway this season at Paris? Chanel’s PR team is in damage-control mode announcing they would refrain from selling these pieces to “respect  the creative process”. Understandably so! While everyone’s wondering why Karl copied Pamela since more often than not its the other way round – couture is knocked off by mainstream design; have any of you thought of the possibility that both these designers may have copied another (common) source and it was more about timing? Either that or the dime a dozen collabs that Karl is involved in has taken a toll on his creative juices and he erred. Sorry Pamela!

Recycling fashion aka looking to the past is nothing new, every brand does it, it only becomes an issue when “inspiration” ends up being a literal copy. Talking of cuffs, I’ve recently embraced the “arm party”! I’ve been going at it one at a time; a little bling never hurt anybody ! Feel free to be “inspired” 😉