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I’ve tried so many things since I got to NYC but my all time favorite discovery has been the cupcake( I still can’t come to terms with the number of options around)!! But you know your obsession has gone too far when you crave for them  breakfast, lunch and dinner.

But thankfully, to humor cupcake junkies like myself, Sprinkles had decided to open 3 cupcake ATMs(Yes you heard it right.. a machine that vends you those sweet little delights) in NYC and a fix of cupcakes at 11 :30 pm isn’t so far fetched anymore !!While some may simply not find it appetizing to eat these cuties from a machine,  you still have to agree that it’s such an ingenious idea. My peeve – it is available only at Manhattan now.. but I can live witht that! Long live gluttony 😀

PS: They have already opened a similar store in Beverly hills and the goodies are flying, so those concerned about their freshness may rest their case.;)