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And so Rihanna becomes the 5,897th celebrity to launch her own line?! Given she looks great most of the time, fronted the Armani jeans campaign recently and designed her black number at the Grammys; I should have seen this coming. That said let me clarify that this post isn’t as much about her foray into the fashion world as it is about celebrities and their “pet” fashion ventures.I am no celeb basher, but the number of celebrities “involved” in the fashion industry is making me uneasier than I’d like! For eons now, fashion and music/cinema have co existed, they have borrowed off each other, been inspired by each other and ideally celebrities crossing over should not be as much an issue. But somehow I have a feeling; every celeb (and non celeb) with a passable sense of style feels his/her namesake label is due. While some of them have made this transition with extraordinary results, most others leave much to be desired. (Personally I’d draw the line at celebrity fragrances and an occasional “meaningful” collab!) Here are some(of very many)Celeb x Fashion ventures the world could have done without.

1. Kardashian’s KollectionThe brand is very well known for …. knocking off well known designers blatantly and being unapologetic about it among other things!Krap!

2. Lindsay Lohan for UngaroOnce upon a time Ungaro was feminine and classy and that image is tainted forever in my head!

3. Bitten by Sarah Jessica ParkerAfter SATC everyone wanted to dress like SJP, but not everyone wanted the clothes she “designed” for her line “bitten”. Not to mention Steve & Barry, the retailer she partnered with, filed for bankruptcy.Tut Tut!

4. Sweet face by Jennifer Lopez    Jennifer Lopez launched this “high end” label many years ago, but sadly the ending was anything but sweet. But take heart Jenny, your other line still sells at Sears, and your perfumes are doing okay. You could have done a lot worse.

Meanwhile there were other celebs who proved skeptics like me wrong! And I say this with much respect since it’s not an easy thing to be accepted by the public and critics alike! Here are my Top 3

1. Victoria BeckhamShe’s probably hated as much as she is admired, but none can refute the effort she’s put into cementing her place in the fashion scene. She sends great clothes down the runway season after season and has plenty of fellow celeb fans. With all the success, you should probably smile a little more Vicky!

2.The Olsen TwinsThe Row, Elizabeth and James, collabs with Stylemint; looks like anything these twins touch turn to gold and deservedly so!

3. Gwen StefaniHer personal style is much admired and is channelized right into her L.A.M.B line which makes it so much more unique.

In case you are wondering where Kanye West is at – cat on the wall(generous?). Let’s wait just one more season. And before I forget, good luck to you Rihanna, whatever you do, don’t end up in the first list! 🙂