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It’s unbelievable;the things great weather and good food make you do (proof above) ! 😉 And good food for me most of the time (considering my saccharine tooth) = good dessert! Trust me, I say I’ve had my share of desserts; so when I recommend the Brooklyn Ice Cream factory it definitely isn’t a shot in the dark:) Be warned,the pier along which the place is located is so breath taking you might forget why you even got there in the first place. Obviously this works in your favor when you spend around 20 minutes standing in line to get your hands on the dreamy dessert. When you actually get to the counter, make sure you order two scoops(doesn’t matter if 1 scoop is how much you eat usually:P) because that’s how delicious it is! They have limited flavors – vanilla, chocolate chunk,peaches and cream, coffee and butter pecan, but do not be disappointed, the rich creamy texture more than makes up for it. Also isn’t too sweet(which is important when you eat as much of it as I do) and pairs well with the waffle cones. Now that spring is here for good, head out to 97 Commercial Street  Brooklyn, NY 11222 with some company, grab these yum treats, sit down on one of the benches at the park and you’ll probably realize why the small things in life make it so worthwhile 🙂 oh and don’t forget your camera!