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Though the weather seems to be playing hide and seek sometimes, it is officially spring – flowers are in full bloom and ballet flats & cute little shorts are making their appearances. Perfect excuse to wander around the city! I was strolling down 34th street (which looked even more crowded than usual if that were possible!) and peering into every shopping window until I stopped in my tracks when I saw the display at Macy’s. I know a lot of people consider Macy’s too touristy and crowded to make it their everyday shopping desitination but you must admit they have some pretty fun windows. With the all – green background, the bamboo shoots and paper birds, I thought they had a tropical theme going but wasn’t so sure as I kept walking along – the windows were reminding me of very floral mardi gras(if you will). But it all made sense when I looked at the huge banner.Turns out they have a flower show from the 27th March to 10th April featuring some exotic gardens complete with guided tours! What a perfect way to welcome spring and bring in droves of people of course! (like Heralds square needed a reason for more)! Btw Now I do wholly believe that toursists are their thing 😉Photo cred: My friend aaru, who happens to be multitalented – chef, photog and a super awesome person! 🙂