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Sure chevrons can be a little tricky (I feel you!)but they are certainly not impossible to pull off. They intimidated me for the longest time before I found ways to get the better of them. Here are some cues!

1. Let the chevron piece be the focus of the outfit. Keep the rest simple unless of course you belong to the Missoni family.2. Feel free to pop black and white chevrons with colored pieces. Look at these ladies..

3. Multi colored chevrons are certainly not for the faint hearted but they work well with neutrals and almost have a tribal vibe which I love.4. A patterend knit top or a maxi dress are safe bets that can be dressed up or down.via danastreetstyle.com5. Tonal chevrons are super feminine and are easier to mix and match.   6. A bold chevron bag/clutch is an immediate way to add some interest to your outfit.7. And of course chevron nails are a no brainer 🙂