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Age is just a number. Only at the moment the fashion industry prefers a very low number. 😉 At 24, I’ve never really thought of myself as “old” but that may soon be a thing of the past. Fact is none of us are getting younger, but brands sure are. Agreed, they have to reinvent themselves to be in business and “young” doesnt hurt the eye; but the obsession with super young has peaked – brands now only want to portray a young image(even if all their business comes from the not so young), the front rows in fashion shows are generously sprinkled with young stars and bloggers who watch younger models sashay down the runway. And what about all the advertisments, the classy middle aged woman/ model(for lack of a better word) on luxury adverts have been replaced by perky 15 year olds prancing around(yes they look good doing it no doubt but is that the perfect fit for the brand?!)I have nothing against brands doing this, sure change is good, but not at the cost of totally seeming irrelevant to the brand image and ignoring the market that actually buys into their brand. Also it is two different things trying to appeal to people, and promoting the need to ” look” young! Ironically, in today’s economy not many of the young(I am a perfect example)  have the purchasing power that was previously thought possible. I only hope this is a temporary phase and brands should remember that people who aren’t 20 also exist 🙂 If not in 10 years, 40 will be the new 20( gasp!) , I’ll be raiding my daughter’s closet and “aging gracefully” might belong with the dinosaurs!:)

DISCLAIMER: I am definitely not hating on younger people. I consider myself a part of this group at least for the time being ;)… it’s only that this whole “ageless” marketing  goes over my head! Also I love Hailee Seinfield and the fanning sisters! 🙂