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This may be my cheesiest title yet but do continue reading :). I am just super excited to introduce you to the madras plaid, one of the distinct fabrics of Indian origin that has gained mainstream acceptance in international fashion. They get their name obviously from their place of origin- Madras, a city in the southern part of India which not-so-coincidentally is where I am from and hence the excitement 🙂 These checks are of light cotton, are super comfortable for the impending weather and are characterized by their vivid colors and distinct plaid patterns. Versatility is their middle name –  here are 3 ways of wearing it that will help you realize madras plaids are not only for men

1.  A pair of denim shorts marry a fun madras shirt for a look that’s casual and ” I-am-effortless-like- that”. 🙂

2. Madras can look incredibly feminine – rock a skirt or a dress with chic accessories and there you have a piece that can transition from day into evening.

3. Add some edge to our outfit by choosing a larger dark plaid or simply add some leather or a pair of boots.