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The last remnants of fall are gone – the sunscreen and sunglasses are out in full force, the hemlines are shorter, everyone is getting a fun pedicure in preparation for their open toed sandals and there have been about a million blogposts(mine included) on pastels and brights being “it” ….(and you probably think I am cuckoo posting about black) but will this mean we’ll have to bid a momentary farewell to black? Will it mean I can’t wear that “slimming” black dress or hide behind that flattering black blouse..? hmm.. maybe we’ll all probably be tempted to  try to sneak in some black here and there 🙂 Lets take one last look at some “dark” images before spring colors take over mankind!(I kind of like how I made it sound like an alien invasion ;)) Don’t we miss it already? After all the “intensity”  I just couldn’t resist throwing that last one in there! 😀 Have a great night/day:)