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What would we all do without serendipity(not the dessert place!but that too :P) Most of my best food finds haven’t been the ones I meticulously researched on yelp( some of them were gems no doubt) but rather the ones I walked into for no intelligent reason – Like this weekend when my boyfriend and I just strolled into a place simply because we liked the sound of it; this after having our fill of this most amazing ramen! (We probably wanted to extend our tryst with Japanese cuisine and were pushing our luck and thankfully it paid off :))! Off the bat we ordered the hotdog ice cream sandwich which looked super interesting and it also helped that we both have whole heartedly embraced and come to terms with our sweet tooth cravings. So, the item in question is a light semi – sweet fried bun(almost like a doughnut) stuffed with an ice cream of your choice – green tea/ sesame/ strawberry and vanilla. The first bite yielded a combo of warm bun and cold melting ice cream and each bite was delicious! We were raving about the dessert long after it disappeared down our throats and thus this post was born;). For the record, this might not catch the fancy of calorie counters but this is something you need to add to your “100 things before…” list. Get your fill at 30 St Marks PL (between Cooper Sq & Astor Pl) Manhattan, NY 10003 and report right back 🙂