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I have been harping post after post about my exams … and considering my time constraints I am more likely to post my work here than anything 🙂 But only for a week.. and I promise to make it interesting.. so please bear with me. I take a visual merchandising class at school and our final project involves creating a window display for any brand of our choice among other things. My love for J.Crew is well documented..so little surprise I chose to do my project based on them. Here are my 2 “big” ideas for their womenswear and childrenswear window – it is inspired by a tropical theme –  an obvious result of my mindset of wanting to go on a looonngg vacation. While we are discussing visual merchandising, it would be sacrilege to not mention some of the best “window dressers” of all time – Simon Doonan and Gene Moore who’ll be the stars of my next post 🙂