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I keep my promises..so here is my post on the incredibly talented window dresser – Simon Doonan( I decided Gene Moore needed his very own post).  Doonan is the creative mind behind all of Barney’s over the top,eye catching windows. He’s everything one would expect him to be… eccentric, well dressed, quirky, complete with hilarious quotes and then some more. Here are 5 reasons why you should love this man and his craft.

1. He uses the most unconventional materials as props, repurposes them in the most fascinating ways and the results are for all to see. 

2. He doesn’t limit himself only to the fashion world, having created windows for topics as diverse as Martha stewart, chefs, the environment and other things you wouldn’t even associate a window dresser with – versatility at it’s best

3. He manages to create drama like it were the easiest thing to do!

4. He takes influences from all over the world to create eclectic stunning visuals.

5. His books have the most amusing titles and content to boot. 🙂 

If you want more reasons to be a fan, watch his recent appearance on The Conan show here He’s hilarious 🙂