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I took to blogging 4 months ago only because I wanted a platform to express my opinion and to discuss things that interested me. I had minimal expectations about being followed or read by fellow bloggers. That being said, every time I received a comment or a like on a post, my heart used to leap just a little – a comforting reassurance that someone out there feels you 🙂 But my time here on WordPress has been more than rewarding, not only have I managed to appeal to a small dedicated audience, but once in a while I make my way into an award list 🙂 I was nominated by astimegoesbuy for the LIVING PASSIONATELY award and I can’t be excited enough that Laura found me apt enough for this honor. None of our lives are close to perfect.. we all have several moments of indecision, insecurity, stress and darkness, but the challenge would be to let them not bog you down… To keep going and to remember to pause ever so often and smell the roses… 🙂 Now for the rules

– Take a deep breath * breathes *

– Think about who you’d like to pass this on to 

A shout out to these bloggers who churn out some great reads!






– Do something weird and out of the ordinary today

Haha this is something I do everyday.. today’s weird act involved making brunch with yesterday’s take out and day before’s left overs. 😉 And my stomach says it turned out perfect 😉

– Post the award someplace conspicuous…..

Mine’s on the inside of my wardrobe, winking at me every time I open it!

In my own little twist to this, here are some things that go hand in hand with living passionately 😉

1. Explore – a lot of good things in life are for free 🙂
2. Power naps and beauty sleep can save you a lot of mood swings 😉
3. Wear some color 🙂 
4. Travel – even if it means within new york.. on a subway 😛
Happy Living! 🙂