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In yet another edition of Incredible India, I decided to feature Paisleys : one of the most widely recognized patterns across the world today.My post is going to sound right out of a history textbook but nevertheless here’s some trivia 🙂

1. Believed to be predominantly of Iranian or Indian origin, it however got the name from the scottish town of the same name.

2. The mango motif holds a huge place in hindu iconography  and is widely continued to be used in textiles, shawl, carpets and saris.3. The british colonization of India took the Paisley pattern to other parts of the world resulting in several hybrid designs and interpretations. 4. In course of time, the paisley became associated with the Bohemian vibe and “summer of love”.5. Paisley manages to come back into the fashion cycles every once in a while under different interpretations like these 🙂 It manages to somehow retain it’s old world charm.. So next time you wear Paisley, take a moment to appreciate it’s rich history 😀