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The time I’ve spent in NY was mostly as a student toting around art materials, unwieldy textbooks, my laptop and 10 other things.. I’ve always picked my beaten up back pack over a fashionable tote, or cross body messenger which inevitably gave me shoulder aches in a few minutes… My backpack certainly didn’t complement a dress or a skirt – Now me wearing converse most of the time is another story:P but it’s not something that terribly worried me.. But as some one wanting to make the transition from a student to a (hopefully) working professional( with an active social life might I add:P), I’ll have to ditch my backpack for something more attire friendly,probably be able to fit things in and transition from day to evening. So in addition to my still-new tote and cross body bag, I have been feeling some love for the oversized clutch.:) They look like they can fit stuff, they come in very many colors, some soft, some hard-shelled and many of them have a shoulder strap sneakily hidden inside so you can use it as a pouchette as well as a bag…. Here’s what got me falling hard..