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Ingredients: Two impending birthdays, a gullible unsuspecting girl, a boyfriend with some plans up his sleeve, a mini cooper, two tickets to a sky diving trip, and a huge dose of adrenaline.

How to:

1.  Enjoy the sights and scenery of upstate New York as your boyfriend drives you “supposedly” to woodbury for a shopping trip. ( Remember I said Gullible)

2. Arrive at the location and finally let it dawn upon you that you’ve been tricked! :O

3. Get over your initial apprehension and try not to worry about how you look in an unflattering jumpsuit. Hint: try to make funny faces to distract the camera wielding boyfriend 🙂

4. Accessorize! 😀 and get ready to board.

5. Put on a brave face through your 10 min ride on the plane and attempt not to look down before your descent!

6. Try not to swallow a plane on your way down!

7. Since no one’s going to hear you up there, feel free to yell ” I am flying I am flying” 😛

7. Yell a war cry loud enough to shatter the earth B)

8. Shed the flying gear and pose with your boyfriend( isn’t he the best!) after both of you’ll have completed this EPIC journey 😉 And that’s how we turn 25! 😀