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Recently, last week to be specific, Fashion campus NYC, an event to bring the industry insiders and students together was hosted by Parsons. Several prominent personalities including Chris Benz were present to dish out advice on how to make it into the industry. Undoubtedly internships were mentioned and pointers on how to convert your internship into a possibly real job were handed out to eager students:) As a recent graduate with several internships underway, everything discussed rung true. Some of them were obvious, others not quite. So everyone who’s facing a similar predicament as I am , hoping to make your way into the fashion business, or in fact any industry, here’s what the big guns had to say. 😀

1. Network…Reach out to as many people you can, and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself wherever you intern and make sure to keep in touch. Contacts are handy when you need to find a job( and woefully I seriously lack in this department)

2. Be Nice to everyone: You never know who you are going to bump into, who you would end up working under, and who you’d be competing with for the same job! Being nice makes your life easier! It isn’t too hard 🙂 Also try not to frown when you are asked to get some coffee. 😉

3. Be a sponge : It’s possible you might not be doing as much as you’d want to at an internship but try to learn new things even if it is how to fedex a package( I did). And ask questions, take the opportunity to learn new software and tools you may be unfamiliar with. 

4. Grab every opportunity to make an impression: Right from dressing appropriately for your interview  to handling pressure at work and “fitting in” with the company’s work culture are all possible ways to creative a positive memorable image of your self. 

5. Be persistent and yes a little shameless: Keep trying to reconnect or scout for job opportunities at your former internship. Even if you havent heard back from them… thrice! 🙂 

I can’t help but wonder at this point.. what am I doing wrong? The job eludes me … *sigh* 😀