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Those of you’ll who’ve been to/live in New York have probably eaten at or at least heard of Eataly. Owned in part by renowned chef Mario Batali, this 5000 sq foot expanse houses exquisite varieties of pasta, sauces, artisanal cheeses, chocolates and beer apart from signature italian dishes. But what I wanted to mention was a small corner of the restaurant- The Pasticceria or more familiarly their bakery section that features some of the best dessert I have ever tasted! The sweet treats come in mini size portions in variations like chocolate, caramel and fresh fruit (in adorable little plastic dishes) that are delicious,light and not cloyingly sweet(what’s more there are several sugar free versions too if calories bother you)! So next time you are around flatiron, head to Eataly, sink your teeth into one of their mini dolcis .. and while you are at it try their pistachio gelato too 😀 Bon Appetit!