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When Dior started a peplum craze back in 1947 it was part of the ‘New Look’ silhouette that shone the spotlight on a woman’s waist. It was structured yet feminine, and above all, elegant. So little wonder that peplums have burst back onto runways and hips everywhere. 🙂 If you don’t own this flouncy piece already, it’s probably the thought of adding volume to your hips that’s deterring you, but trust me the peplum’s ability to flatter may just surprise you! Here are some pointers!:)

1. For those of us who aren’t blessed with an hourglass figure, the peplum comes to your rescue by creating an illusion of a shapely figure and a tiny waist! Yay! 🙂2. Doesn’t matter if you have an average body type( read: non skinny)  you can opt  for tops or jackets with peplums high at the waist as opposed to skirts with peplums that flare out from lower on the body and add excess bulk at your hips.3. The size, material, and degree of flare of the peplum is key. Choose a flowy but non clingy fabric( stay away from those spandex ones). Your flounce should have structure as opposed to bulk – this can create wonders.4. They’re also the surprise antidote to days where your stomach is feeling less than flat – which for me is everyday 😛5. Style the colours according to the proportion of your body.Wear a darker tone peplum at the top to minimise broad shoulders and larger busts and team it with a lighter shade at the bottom. On the other hand a dark colour on the bottom with a light peplumed top visually slims the bottom half.It’s okay to try on several styles….choose a piece you love and all the better if it  loves you back 🙂