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Hey everyone! 🙂 Missed me?  I had to go to Ohio for an interview and hence the disappearing act! Now am back in New York with yet another trend update! And this time it’s the cropped top! No no don’t hit the back button just yet! 😉 Crop tops are definitely not for everyone. That being said there are ways to make it flattering. Irrespective of my sweet tooth and weak determination to work out, I am going to give it a try. In case you are too, here some great pointers to crop it:)

note:  If you own a beach body, simple gawk at the pictures below and skip the rest of the post 😛 

1. Most important rule, if you choose a baggy crop, pair it with a fitted bottom and vice versa to avoid looking like a paper bag 😛2.If you are not too comfortable baring your midriff, pick a high waisted skirt/ pant/ shorts with your crop top! That ways you’ll be creating a defined waistline and showing minimum skin.3. Average body type? No worries……LAYER LAYER LAYER! ! So now you don’t have to just stop with eyeing these cute pieces but can actually own them! 🙂