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Hello everyone! Yet another week has passed by… seven days of fun things to see, eat and experience. Here are the top 5 things that I thought would be fun sharing and would perfectly sum up my week:)

1. Even the beach seems to love the neon onslaught 😉 – At Coney Island2. As you all know, I’ve been sketching with a crazy fervor!3. How creative were the outfits at the synchronized swimming olympics event?:O4.  Polished off a plate of Panipuri at Thelewala’s at washington square! Pani puri is a staple indian street food- light and hollow, you crack open a part of the shell, stuff it with mashed potatoes and dunk it in a tangy sauce and trust me … you won’t stop with one.5. I read that H&M is touted to launch their home line finally in the US( It retails in parts of Europe and looks promising).  Is Ikea sweating yet? 😉Have a great week everyone 😀