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“Hi5 Mondays” is my mini snapshot of the best things that happened over the course of the last week.  Usually I do plenty of things that I’d like to think of as fun, this week was no different 😀

1. Baked my first chocolate cake with surprising success 🙂 2. Would you believe it if I said I’ve never worn lipstick until 6 months ago. And after I tried the red lip I’ve been in love ever since. 🙂 My new favorite is ” Orange Flip” from Revlon and it suits my skin tone perfectly. I would recommend it to pretty much everyone. 3. I was randomly browsing a bunch of blogs when I read that Philip Lim is releasing a comic book coinciding with fashion night out this fall. His collection is inspired by noir comedy style heroines and from the looks of it seems like something I’d want to get my hands on for sure 🙂4. Is anyone as crazy about bubble tea as I am? Had some last week at Ten Ren in Chinatown! Heaven!5. Finally, I have found a job as a freelance designer in Manhattan! 🙂 So hopefully I will whine less 😉That sums up my week.  And here’s to another fab one lovelies ! 🙂