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Being a land so rich in textiles, it’s time I wrote about some of the dyeing techniques that are indigenous to India but nevertheless well known globally. :)Ikat is a term that you surely have heard before, if not familiar with. Well you haven’t…? Here’s your trivia:D

1. Ikat is a dyeing technique where the individual yarns are dyed in a specific pattern and then woven together to form a stunning final  visual. Since it’s the yarns that are dyed and not the fabric itself, the output is usually characterized by a slightly fuzzy edges which makes each piece unique.2. Though the origins of this textile have been traced to South America and parts of Asia, it’s tough to pinpoint the definite source but nevertheless, today India, Indonesia, Japan,Guatemala,parts of Ecuador make these lovely fabrics.3. During older times, Ikat was given away by the royalty as gifts and was a symbol of wealth. 4. Since the process of making this textile is so complicated and involves painstaking detail, printing the pattern has been the easy way out, but it is quite safe to say the differences are like chalk and cheese 😀5. Ikats are mostly made in cotton and silk and can dress your homes as well as you 😀Do you own any Ikat prints?:)