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I seldom post pictures of my personal style for obvious reasons(yawn!) but I will have to make an exception this time for 4 reasons 🙂

1.  For the longest time I’ve wanted to wear checks and polka in the same look without feeling foolish and finally I did just that 🙂 Right?  *cue for applause* 2. It will probably be the last time I wear a skirt with bare legs for a while, what with the chilly weather creeping in on us and before long it will be “stockings” weather! 3. My boyfriend and I celebrated our anniversary under the bridges, over the water, taco in hand, smile intact 🙂 4. We ended up wearing matchy matchy (This never ever happens) clothes- blue gingham shirts and we were more than a little pleased about the coincidence 😉 and wanted to share it with you’ll 🙂Yaaayy… Weekend’s coming! Have a great one 😀