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Finally after close to 2 years here in the US of A, I managed to visit six flags this weekend. Courtesy : My boyfriend’s little treat before he started on his new job! Yaaayy.  After a day well spent, I decided to appoint myself your “official six flags guide” and dish out some tips to keep in mind before you make your own trip.

1. Dress comfortably: I cannot stress enough the importance of this one. The more beat up (read lived in) your clothes, the better. And yes one day without your favorite pair of heels won’t kill you. 2. Go on every ride you can: This place is packed with rides from mild thrills to high rush ones. Sure there are plenty of crazy scary rides ( The El toro, Kingda ka and superman) but doesn’t mean you need to underestimate the non scary looking ones- they are still fun( Houdini’s magic, Dark knight, flume ride, congo rapids ).Let me warn you, several rides look a lot scarier than they actually are. I spent a lot of time nervously chewing my lower lip while on line but after the ride I just wanted to do them again:P Also its obvious that you need to get in early to beat the lines.3. Chug Away: I hardly drink soda, I know its all sugar, I know it can eat though my bones, but WTH  it was fun walking around with one of these bottles sipping away through the day. I counted 4 refills 😉 4. Visit the sea lions: It doesn’t matter if you are older than 10, these sea lions are the cutest, smartest things ever and the little charade they put up was just entertaining. 5. Take the ropeway: You have to see the view of the entire park from up there!!6. Eat some: It’s necessary to keep fueling up. And there are several options to keep your taste buds happy. I was particularly impressed with the dipping dots icecream – it was like eating flavoured snow! 7. Take plenty of pictures: Some of the views are just perfect for photo ops!8. Eat some more: because we can.. 😛 If you haven’t eaten a funnel cake ever, now is your chance. Also throw in a warm pretzel and a bag of cotton candy( Sugar heaven!)9. Dodge em zombies: Try going to the parks around Halloween like we did. We had a “blood” fountain to welcome us, and you can spend your evening dodging seriously creepy zombies and clowns running amok the grounds of the park 😛10. Play the arcade games: For the record, soft toys aren’t my thing, but there’s something so nostalgic about playing arcade games. Try it even if it means ending up with a giant stuffed angry bird you don’t know what to do with 😀This place is definitely touristy and crowded but it’s a small price to pay.. You should go !:D