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All right I am a day late … but I shall blame it on my flu 🙂 Hope all of you’ll had a great weekend…Take a peek at what I did with my week 🙂

1. My spanish is limited to mucho gracias and hola but thank god food speaks a universal language! 😉 Took a giant bite out of columbian bunuelos.. and these things are just melt in your mouth!! Add them to your bucket list 😉 2. I take great pleasure in announcing to the world that I have successfully managed to convert my boyfriend into a beacon’s junkie. He’s hooked on to the whole thrift scene after scoring a wonderful leather jacket!! 😀3. Watched three movies back to back and am smug about it 😛4. Have you’ll seen the stuff Maison Margiela created for H&M? It will make you blab incoherently for a minute or more! eeeewaalllhhbooodrool 5. I tried this DIY:) Cut the bottoms off of two Coke bottles. Glue zipper inside. Instant snack container!

Happy happy week! 🙂