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I seldom write about things outside the realm of fashion, but I had to share this incident that happened to me today morning. I was taking the subway to work like any other day. I managed to find a seat and was secretly pleased at the prospect of grabbing some extra sleep on the train( I am so not a morning person ;P). At the very next stop a hoard of people got in, including an elderly couple. I offered my seat to one of them( No! am no martyr I do selfishly keep my seat when I am wearing heels that are murdering my feet:D) and the old gentleman sat down. He didn’t speak much of english but he smiled and gestured to me that he really appreciated what I had done. I smiled back in acknowledgement and spent the next fifteen minutes standing while trying to battle the woman next to me who’s large Louis Vuitton bag was nudging my side. Soon the train was too packed and I gave up on Miss. LV and moved over to the other side.  A while later I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to face the old gentleman who suddenly held my hand and led me back to the seat I had given up for him. He made me sit there while a few ladies who were hoping to take the seat looked on half heartedly( one of them looked genuinely pissed). He flashed me a huge toothless grin, mouthed a heavily accented “Thank you” and the couple got off at their stop waving to me!  It is unexpected moments like these that put a smile on your face that will refuse to go away even after a whole day! 😀