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Hey everyone! There was a time when I used to dread mondays…. hated getting back to a schedule after 2 days of bliss.. but these days I actually wait for monday, and look forward to having something to do.. apart from chores! 😉 Here’s what I did through my week.

1. Bought a faux leather jacket simply because a real leather jacket hurts my wallet too much 😉

2. So what if the weather drops, doesn’t mean Van Leeuwen ice cream tastes any less better? 🙂

3. Watched the finale of project runway. Though Dmitry’s victory was well deserved, I still liked Fabio’s stuff better.

4. My love for red lips is well documented. I read this great article on refinery.com and if you haven’t figured out your best red… here you go 

5. The holiday season is here.. while there are about a million cool ways to decorate your home.. I found this one endearing in particular 😀Have a fantastic week and keep smiling 🙂