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Okay the title was a trifle dramatic but what’s life without drama? 🙂  I mentioned to you in my previous post that my extended leave of absence from my blog was caused by the storm. For those of you who survived it – well deserved applause and for those who read about it and want to know a first hand account what went on here in New York city, please read on. While the week was terrible, especially considering several people lost their lives, looking back I can’t help but think of how the week panned out in a lighter vein!:)1. “CALM BEFORE THE STORM” Prompted by a streak of bravado , bf(I am sick of calling him bf, he shall henceforth be known as Prat :P) and I decided to “survey” the beaches before the impending storm – and yes believe me, the adage “calm before the storm” is no joke 😀2. “IT CAN’T BE THAT BAD” MONDAY Along came monday – the day of the storm and it seemed like any other day if you chose to ignore the howling winds and the rattling window panes.. I had an endless stream of horror movies on TV and comforting calories(read: home made banana bread) at arm’s length.. perrfeccct day… until the electricity died on me! For a while I was confident power would be back( This was NYC for god’s sake!).. No luck there..So I went to bed hoping the next day would be “normal”.3. “CARNAGE ALL AROUND” TUESDAY Woke up, flicked on switches.. no power yet. No biggie- where I come from, power failures are an everyday occurence so I tried to cheer myself up by going out for a walk. Bad idea.. The streets were a wreck.. felled trees, leaves everywhere and several stores looked like they had been looted – by nature or man I will never know, and the smell of sea was rampant in the air – not pleasant. Anyway I managed tuesday alright:/4. ” CANDLE LIGHT ” WEDNESDAY( Actually all days :P) Still no power, no transport,no phones too( little surprise there) and now I was slightly starting to worry about the contents of my refrigerator among other things. I even tried heating my food on candle flame but err.. that didn’t work.. I stocked up on junk, promptly bought some candles and created an imaginary scenario of being in the midst of indian festivity. Candle-lit dinners will never be the same for me! 🙂5. “APOCALYPSE” THURSDAY By thursay the resourceful NY buses were running albeit on limited routes and being at home was turning my brains into mush. I hopped on to one of the manhattan bound buses, Prat in tow( this guys deserves a medal for his patience while I incessantly droned on about how manhattan would have  it better than brooklyn WRONG..) downtown resembled a war struck zone – bereft of people, power and shuttered to the nines but for patrol cars! Meanwhile uptown, starbucks was packed! Prat suggested we walk around town and travel all night on the buses instead of going back ..best decision ever!:) Btw puffers don’t look good but who cares when they keep you snug :P( ok randomness)6. “POWER IS BACK” FRIDAY I wasn’t too optimistic about power getting back on friday and the last thing I wanted was to go back to a dark house but I willed myself to return and yaaayyyyy the power and any semblance of a normal life was back! I was elated and spent the entire weekend getting all the packaged junk I had ingested out of my system, watching endless tv and snuggling under the covers!

In hindsight, a few days without power was probably nothing compared to those who lost their homes but nevertheless a sticky situation like this always reminds us how precarious our lives really are! Savor every moment you get! 😀