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Hi everyone,

You know what’s worse than a monday morning? A monday morning after a long holiday.. 😛 A couple of days spent in Philly, Washington and Baltimore have rendered me completely unfit to focus on work! So this week’s HI5 Mondays is totally about my mini vacay, what else! 😀 Here are 5 things that “made” it!

1. How much ever I love NYC I must still admit that the scenery might not be it’s strong point. The sights in Philadelphia and Maryland were picturesque even in fall! 😀 Photo opps galore!! 2. My wardrobe choices can be best described as “lazy casual” alternating between “couldn’t care less” and “not trying too hard”, but thankfully it does serve it’s purpose when I am on vacation, rare as it may be 😉 My chunky sweater, beaten up puffer, and suede mocassins kept me warm but presentable. 3. My tour demanded I get up at the oddest hours(read early), and spend little to no time on primping… but a swipe of lipstick kept me from looking washed out…. PS: Revlon “ravish me red” photographs really well.. or so i think;)4. Prat provided all the comic relief and entertainment throughout the trip.. while dishing trivia about all the places we were visiting.. making me feel like a highly inadequate extremely lucky lady 😉5. I haven’t been much of a tourist during my time here in the US but as a history lover, the Liberty bell, Independence hall, lincoln memorial , Vietnam memorial ,Washington monument and a bunch of museums seemed like a good place to start! Hopefully I’l get to see and do a lot more.. on a budget of course 😉  Here’s wishing everyone a great week! 😀