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Hope everyones doing great! Monday is thankfully almost over which means only 4 more days before another weekend 😉 yaaaaayyy I had a pretty eventful week and here are the highlights! 😀

1. Visited the Korean textile and fashion trade show – Seas of swatches – elegant lace, sequins, fur and every other decorative fabric you could think of put me right in the mood to go holiday shopping! 😛via koreanpreview.com2. Hi alex wang,  I love your slouchy tees and fab bags – you could probably be called the undisputed king of downtown cool but Balenciaga? Yours sincerely, A ghesquiere fanvia fashionista.com3. Once you make granola at home, your life is never ever the same again 😛 This way!via annies_eats.com4.  I am in the mood to holiday-shop( see 1) and I am not- surprisingly planning on buying some shiny sickeningly pretty stuff 😀via http://crushculdesac.tumblr.com/post/370819994015. Met a friend from Paris who’s here on a vacation and we both had great lunch and even greater conversation at Woorijip in K-Town! Yummmnomnomnomnom 🙂 via midtownlunch.comHave a great week lovelies! And flash your pearlies!! 🙂 ( I am poet:P)