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Hello  everyone,

Monday is so-not-fun day but hey we have to start the week somewhere 🙂 Last week was an eventful one and am pretty sure this one will be do. Here’s my rundown 😀 Happy week you’ll!!

1.  Visited the bronx botanical holiday train exhibit where a good part of New York city is recreated entirely of plant material, in miniature of course. You should see it to believe it 🙂 It’s on now! 2. Baked a devil’s food cake and it turned out A – ok 🙂3. Less guilty fast fashion shopping anyone? I read about H&M starting to give discounts to those recycling their old clothes starting february! I am still having mixed feelings about this one especially since a while back H&M used to burn all their unsold merchandise!:| Thats the cynic in me talking.. lets all be upbeat about this shall we 🙂4. I don’t know if black is holiday appropriate especially when it’s gift wrap but I am still buying this Rodarte for Target x Neiman Marcus gift wrapping paper because a) it’s beautiful b) It’s the only rodarte I can afford at this point:P 5. Living in New York has it’s downsides- cramped living spaces which means no Christmas tree obviously, but I am going to try this super cute and easy DIY to add some holiday cheer to my dreary living quarters 🙂