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anorakEach winter I try and buy a new coat, just so one day… some day… I can own every type :P( I wish). Last year it was a boring but durable puffer and this year it had to be a lined parka – technically an anorak! Here are 5 reasons why you should buy an anorak/parka if you haven’t already.

1. They are so effortless and easy to throw on.. and add a cool “military” vibe which seems to be all the rage now! 2. They come in a wide array of colors – from mossy greens to khaki and pop brights! I love my olive tone, it seems to blissfully pair with just every “fall” color. 3. If you are anything like I am this would be god given- I waste precious minutes every morning scratching my head as to what will pair with what.. but enter the anorak and it doesn’t matter if you pick a skirt, a dress, tights or good ol jeans – This has you covered. 🙂 4. Most Parkas have a sturdy fleece lining and a hoodie to keep you warm yet “with it” 😉 Many of them have a detachable lining,so they can easily take you into spring. No lining? No worries.. Layer away! 5.And this one’s my favorite reason yet –  Most parkas are slightly oversized and it can help you camouflage the results of second helpings of holiday pie! 😉