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Hello World!

Some of you’ll ( In the USA) are probably still in the midst of an extended holiday( Hail MLK!) while some of us unlucky souls trudged to work:P  Either ways mondays are no fun! But the thought of going back to my coffee crumb cake at home is heartening! 😛 My house still smells of cinnamon.2. I am not a super nerd but a trip to the Forbidden planet comic store near union square got me visibly excited( ok a shade too close to crazy) 🙂 3. A walk along the pier in the morning is always awe inspiring and it’s even more surprising when you realize a phone camera(they make ’em so fancy these days) can take such stunning pictures :D( Courtesy: prat)WP_20121222_0254. Eyeballed Mrs O’s hair cut when Prez O was sworn in for his second term 😀 5. I went for my monthly grocery haul to Trader Joe’s and look what I found! 😀 This hand cream provides my ninety year old hands with some much needed relief(at $1.99) 😛Happy Happy week ! 🙂