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Once upon a time I was a not-so young girl who fooled myself into thinking that applying a coat of lipstick unto my lips would cause me to look like a vamp/too grown up/too attention seeking. 😛 Cut to the present( Merely an 8 months later) and you have yourselves a lippie aficionado 🙂 ( I still refuse to try a blush/ foundation/insert other cosmetic product here) I picked out my first lipstick to wear to my graduation ceremony – I was near broke and walked into the nearest CVS, bought the first red I liked and the rest( As I’d like to dramatically put it) is history:DLippies I have given into the temptation of buying an occasional(budget permitting) MAC and NARS but I still love my drugstore lispticks to death:D I have since bought most of my lipsticks based on user reviews; there will always be hits and misses but be assured that these 6 picks are intended to help a novice and slightly broke lipstick lover stay covered. In case you are wondering about complexion issues, I have friends(ethnically diverse if you will) who use these too and it looks good on almost all of them:) So here is <drumroll> the list( Please overlook the terrible lighting:))

1. Revlon Spicy Cinnamon – A fall favorite matte lipstick that’s perfect for the evening

2. Rimmel Kiss of Life – A bluish matte red that stays put.. forever!!

3. Revlon Ravish me red – A red with warm undertones that makes for the perfect “bold red lip”Untitled-1 Kopie4. Revlon Orange Flip – Presenting the signature J.Crew lip for less!

5. Revlon Peach – Fools people into thinking you have no lipstick on at all except your lips look ammaazzingg!:)

6. Maybelline Coral Crush – A pinkish coral which will be your spring go-to item.Untitled-2 KopieRemember whatever you wear, wear it with confidence..:D Also I am always on the lookout for newer shades to try so won’t you please feel free to suggest your favorites? 🙂