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Okaaay my titles are on a trip lately but that’s beside the point now:) You know that feeling when you pick out a piece with horizontal stripes that looks simply divine on the  hanger, on the mannequin and even your catty co-worker but when you try it on, you just want to kick the mirror in frustration? No? I hate you then 😛 The rest of you nodding in affirmation can feel my pain.stripes I have religiously stayed away from wide bold stripes that run across my body no matter how appealing they look! But I decided to step out of my comfort zone to try and wear stark stripes when they came in the form of this super soft drapey cardigan. The pattern actually looks diagonal(read: flattering) when you wear them, which can be a win-win for stripe wary folks. Who’s with me on this? 🙂

PS: Thou shalt not be fooled by me pretending to casually pose like it were a pleasant fall day. I only gave my coat a breather for about 20 secs 🙂 Oh and HAPPY WEEKEND 😀