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In an act of sheer courage and selflessness(as if) I am now going to let you have peeks at my ill equipped wardrobe! So please warmly welcome my new section CLOSET DIARIES – considering the size of my matchbox wardrobe, the longevity of this section is questionable but stop me if you can 😛 Talking about minuscule closets and even smaller budgets, as much as I’d like to buy every piece of clothing in sight, the sad reality is I’d rather invest in pieces that I can pair with as many ensembles as possible. So in my first edition of this “self – proclaimed” genius idea I share with you what I think should be a  ‘Maybe – have’ list of sweaters 🙂 ( you’ll still need them through spring) (Disclaimer:Not all of them are pictured below)sweater

1. The EVERYDAYERSs: The no frill pieces, the warm comfortable basics,the ones you automatically reach out for to pair with everything – V neck/scoop neck/cardigans in a neutral palette of grey, black,navy, ecru and khaki. Start collecting here. 🙂

2. The “I LOVE ME SOME COLOR TODAY”ers: I have a few colored cable knit sweaters which I like to wear when I am tired of looking washed out. Kelly green, red, yellow, and oxblood have been my go-tos this season.

3. The PATTERN LOVER : Patterned sweaters are a new-found love for me. Polka dots, fair isle patterns and stripes are great fun additions to your collection. I also like them a tad oversized.

4. The ” SPECIAL SOMETHINGS”: These are the truly trend driven pieces – My pearl sweater, the  peach cardigan with chiffon panels,foil printed chunkies, cable knit sweaters with leather sleeves and crochet insets….. these are pieces I wear occasionally but the ones I truly debate on whether or not to buy 🙂

Are you a sweater junkie like I am? Which ones are your favorite? 😀