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Hellooo earthlings,

Another week went whizz… and it’s time to get back to biz( Wow.. okay mondays totally ruin my writing so work with me here):) I had a lovely albeit cold week and here’s what I did to amuse myself through it

1. Baked a batch of (almost)fat-free brownies… I hear what you are saying.. fat-free only because I had to humor Prat who is working his way to adonis-land (while yours truly is contended with couch-inhabiting:)) btw they tasted really really good. Recipe  here

2. Bought this cute little piece on spool72 just because it’s my favorite thing to do 🙂3. Come winter and no matter how much I try to take care of my hair, I sometimes have to contend with stubborn dandruff(ugggg!!). But this baby here is a savior – leaves your scalp feeling great. Try it and thank me later! 🙂4. I still skim through Archie’s comics when I get a chance, so no surprise that I was super excited to see MAC ‘s new collection based on the series. I quite like the Betty bright red lipstick and might try my luck online to see if it’s not sold out yet! 🙂5. Super bowl sunday – need I say more 🙂 Take out pizza + Some Beyonce + lots of snooze snoozeHave a happy happy week 🙂