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happybirthdayIt’s been a year since I wrote my first post on this blog! 🙂 How quickly time has flown since. When I first started out I had three concerns 1. What would I blog about ? 2. Would people like and find what I write interesting and lastly 3. Would I keep going at it consistently and not let my laziness/schedule take over me. A year has passed and  I am none-the-wiser about my concerns but I am certainly having a lot of fun while I am at it:)While the content and writing style of my posts may have evolved/changed over the year, the sheer excitement in getting a like/comment/compliment hasn’t been altered one bit 🙂 Truth be told, I never expected the reception CYC has received and am truly thankful that this blog presents an incredible opportunity to connect with fellow bloggers/readers and be inspired by their work… Thank you again for your support, encouragement and compliment. :D( Very kind) A special thank you to Prat for his input and help with all the photos. I do hope you continue to enjoy CYC and I would be more than happy to hear from you about upping my game 🙂 Happy Weekend