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Hello You’ll!

Everyone doing okay? Monday is bad enough but throw in a week of being away and getting back to the grind is next to impossible! Especially if that one week was spent in Vegas! Yes you heard that right! 🙂 So this week’s HI5 mondays is going to be the “Vegas” Edition! 😀 Who said what happens in Vegas stays there 😛 Here are my top 5 highlights of the trip!( Warning: Expect no gambling hauls, drunken adventures or strip club visits; the most exciting it got was when I got hit on by a girl but that’s about it 😛 )1. Attended the MAGIC trade show/ the reason I went to Vegas in the first place – a designer dream come true seeing brands from all over the world come together to showcase their stuff under one roof! Very Inspiring:)2. Trust Vegas to cater to us non alcoholics too! They make a mean fruit sangria! 🙂3. If you didn’t know already, Vegas = jaw dropping extravagance! The indoor sky and ornate ceilings at the hotels & malls were a sight to behold! And don’t get me started on all the fancy hotel interiors, the gondolas, and greek inspired sculptures! My camera was doing overtime 😉4. Just when I got a wee bit homesick there was a mini new york at the strip to cheer me up! 😛5. Everyone talks about food when they talk Vegas, so I was really expecting to indulge! Most hotels had a limited vegetarian menu but I managed to get some top knotch grub at star chef-endorsed joints 😀 foodIn case you are wondering about the gambling/nightlife bit, I am saving it for my trip with Prat! 😀 Happy week folks!